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Working on secret stuff with Brekkist
So, in the meantime I’ll be doing commissions as well.

I can draw pretty quickly if I’m allowed to be fluid! So, I’ll be very lenient with the pricing for anyone who requests a sketch from me.
However, you can still request any amount of detail or anything you’d like, just be aware that it might take more time on my end.
Also, I’d really like to try and draw new things. I’m open to drawing anything, even if it might be considered strange.
I’ll be doing sketches for 20-30usd!

Email me here:

I’ll start off with 12 open slots, and I’ll update via tumblr when I become open to do more.

does that even feel good

does that even feel good


Commissions Closed for Now ;u;

Thanks to everyone who inquired ;;u;;  I’ve gone a little over my quota, but I’ll be sure to open more spots once these are completed!

If I wasn’t able to get to you now, I’ll promise to keep you queued up for the next round, if you’re still interested!

Thank you!!



two-ts said: I replied to your post, but asks are easier to reply to - is there any chance you'd take bitcoin for those sketches? Paypal is sadly not an option for me.

Ahh, well I can say that right now, I have no experience in utilizing bitcoin whatsoever ;;_;;, though I do have an interest in learning about it;;

So at this very moment, unfortunately, I am unable to accept bitcoin payments, I’m sorry >n<;;

Opening shop for $30 sketch commissions!
I’m starting off with only 10 slots, since I’m still working on other stuff too;;

They can be NSFW, of course, and the content doesn’t really matter, so long as I don’t have to be perfect, (which is why these are “sketch” commissions…) so feel free to be specific!!

NOTE: these are not selections of what I think are my “best” work, they’re just the best examples of the general amount of detail I’ll be putting into these sketches!

For more samples, just peruse my archive!


Artorias in his prime must have been the baddest motherfucker that ever lived.

"Got to hose me downnn"

"Got to hose me downnn"

[EDIT:]  I touched up on the Mega Man pic I drew with Mandy, and added a female version for good measure!  Not dead, btw, just being really slow at drawing :( 

Robots are lewd.

Thank you ;u;

I’m really happy you guys enjoy my work XD
It’s so much fun for me to draw this kind of stuff, and to know that this many people appreciate what I do is… overwhelmingly flattering :D  So… thank you again <3

Um, if you didn’t know, right now there’s something very important in my life that deserves my attention, so I hope you’ll forgive me for not updating as often X)  Rest assured, I’m still drawing!!

Just…not as much for now :)

I got a lot of asks for feets, so I hope you enjoy it <3

Megaman introduces Protoman to his new friend&#8230;

Megaman introduces Protoman to his new friend…


A thing for Valentine’s :0




Anonymous said: Cumshot on 8k+ followers?


Some grown up Mandy sketches for a trade with Diepod!!  I tried to study JJFrenchie’s style for this session — might color one of them, but right now, I’m tireeeeddddd…  Oh yeah, and Macccppuggg??

A fun sketch :D  CAN YOU GUESS THE SECRET PLOT?Guh, birthdays are rough when all your friends live in another city&#8230;  Also, when it&#8217;s always right after the superbowl&#8230;


Guh, birthdays are rough when all your friends live in another city…  Also, when it’s always right after the superbowl…

Mac doesn&#8217;t normally share partners, but for Graham&#8217;s sake, she&#8217;s made an exception&#8230;!  Zo&#8217;dee and Andgi are Doxy&#8217;s characters!WOO I LEARNED MORE ABOUT COLOR

Mac doesn’t normally share partners, but for Graham’s sake, she’s made an exception…!  Zo’dee and Andgi are Doxy’s characters!